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Carsmart Automotive

Building relationships is important whether is with a customer, vendors or lenders, which is what we focus on. We are not interested in just making the sale today and never seeing you again- We want to ensure that are so happy, that not only you come back, but you will refer your friends and family to us as well, with over one hundred customers and growing. With over 20 years in the auto industry, Antonio (Owner) brings his knowledge of all things automotive to Carsmart, the "smarter" way to buy a car. With previous Job positions as General Sales Manager,Sales Manager, Finance and Used Car Director at new car franchises we assure you are in good hands. The bottom line is that we understand life isn’t perfect and maybe your credit isn’t either, but with our vast knowledge and relationships with our lenders we can provide a second or maybe a third chance to help you restart your credit. Sometimes, Second chances work out better then the first. This is why Carsmart was born. Today is just not another day. It’s a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning. Here at Carsmart we embrace it There's a better way....the Carsmart way!

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