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It's important to note that specific upfitting configurations & equipment may vary based on the requirements of different law enforcement agencies, regions, & vehicle types.

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Common upfitting modifications may include:
  • Emergency lighting & sirens: Installation of flashing lights, spotlights, & sirens to ensure high visibility & audible warnings during emergency responses.
  • Communication systems: Integration of police radios, computer systems, & GPS units for effective communication & real-time information access.
  • Equipment storage & organization: Addition of custom storage compartments, gun racks, & cargo barriers to safely store & secure firearms, equipment, & supplies.
  • Video surveillance: Mounting of in-car cameras or dashcams to record interactions & events during patrols or traffic stops.
  • Prisoner transport: Installation of partitions or cages to separate the rear passenger area & ensure the safe transport of individuals in custody.
  • Auxiliary Power Systems: Addition of secondary battery systems to support extended use of electronic equipment without draining the vehicle's main battery.
  • Tactical Equipment: Mounting brackets & holders for items such as rifles, shotguns, & less-lethal weapons.